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Healthier Together (our local NHS Integrated Care System made up of all Bristol, South Glos and NS GPs) has produced an excellent FAQ resource providing up to date information about the local vaccination program: 

COVID-19: Vaccination - Healthier Together (

Covid-19 Vaccination Questions and Answers.

This section contains some commonly asked questions and answers. We realise there is a lot of information and it may be difficult to find what you are looking for.

We would be grateful if you would check this page first before considering the need to contact the surgery with your query.

1. When will I be invited for my first vaccine? 


We are inviting people in-line with the local and national vaccination program. Please see the link above which will update you with the cohort we are currently giving first doses to. Please do not contact us to ask when you will be invited- we will not miss anyone, you will all be invited in due course and we are running regular searches to pick up those who missed their first invitation. 

2. I’m going away and can’t make the date of my vaccine, can I rebook?


If this is your first vaccination, please continue to check available appointments via the link on your text message and book a convenient time. 

If this is your second Pfizer vaccination, please try to reschedule your plans in order to make your second vaccination date. Unfortunately, we are unable to know when we will have another delivery of this vaccine, and missing your second dose appointment could take you well beyond your vaccination due date. 

If this is your second Astra Zeneca vaccination, please continue to check available appointments via the link on your text message and book a convenient time. 

If you do not have a mobile number, please wait for the surgery to call you on your landline to book your vaccination. 

3. I had a bad reaction to my first vaccine, can I have a different one for my second? 

You are currently not able to have a different vaccination type for your first and second vaccination. Please note that 50% -80% of patients reported headache, fatigue and muscle aches after first vaccination but reactions were unusual after the second dose. Unless you had an anaphylactic allergic reaction we advise you to have your second dose. 


4. I am unable to book a vaccine appointment within the 12 week timescale, what should I do? 


There is currently no evidence to say that the vaccine will not be effective if you have it after the 12 week deadline. However, we advise that you do your best to attend any appointment dates offered in order to keep as close to this date as possible. 


5. If I have a history, or family history of blood clots, can I still come for my vaccine? 


Yes, you can. The mechanism of thrombosis in this extremely rare condition is thought to be an idiosyncratic reaction related to an immune response to the AstraZeneca vaccine. There is no evidence that any underlying health conditions, or history of clotting problems increase the risk. The only exception are those who have had heparin induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (HITT or HIT type 2). People taking HRT or the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) are NOT at increased risk.  

Information about COVID-19 vaccination and blood clots can be found HERE

6. I’m pregnant and in the current age group they are offering the vaccine to, what do I need to do? 


Pregnant women are being advised to have either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination. Please contact the surgery to request a referral to a mass vaccination centre. If you discovered you were pregnant after your first AZ vaccine we advise you to continue with the AZ second dose. 

7. Other people in my age group have had their vaccination and I haven’t, can I book this? 


If you are either vulnerable or in an age group that had their vaccination some time ago, please contact the surgery to book your vaccination. 


8. I still haven’t been invited for my second vaccination, what should I do? 


If you have a mobile number, please wait until you are sent a text invite. If you do not have a mobile number, please wait for us to contact you on your landline to book this in. Please do not contact the surgery. We are running regular searches to ensure no one is missed.


9. Can I go somewhere different for my second vaccine? 


Your second vaccination should be booked with the same clinic who provided your first vaccination. Vaccine supply and clinic appointments are all based on people having both doses in the same place so moving between sites unnecessarily causes complications for the system. This will also ensure you are given the correct vaccine type.


10. I can’t get booked in at a mass vaccination centre what should I do? 


If you cannot book your vaccine with a mass vaccination centre, please wait to hear from the surgery. We will be in touch in due course. Please do not call the surgery to book this.


11. I live with someone who is vulnerable can I be prioritised for the vaccination? 


Current guidelines allow those who live with a person who is immunosuppressed to be prioritised for the vaccination. If this is not the case, we are not in a position to prioritise you for the vaccination. 


12. I had my first vaccination with you but have now moved, where should I have my second vaccine? 


Once registered with a new GP surgery you will appear in their searches as someone who is eligible for second vaccination and should be invited by them. All vaccinations are recorded on a national database so they will have a record of your first dose. 


13. Can I move my vaccine date forward because I’m going away/travelling with work etc?


No. We are not in a position to move to vaccination date forward for any reason. 


14. I’m having Chemo and need my vaccine on a specific date, what should I do?


Hospitals have access to vaccination clinics and can arrange this for you so please speak to your oncology team in the first instance. 

15. I have asthma, can I be prioritised for the vaccine? 


You will be prioritised for the vaccine if you currently take regular oral steroids to control your asthma or have been hospitalised in the past because of your asthma.  


16. I’m under 30 years and high risk, can I have the Astra Zeneca? 


We have contacted all of our patients who are in the category with further instructions. If you have not been contacted but feel you are in this category, please contact the surgery. 


17. Can I choose which vaccine I have? 


Unfortunately you cannot choose which vaccine you are given.


18. I’m on medication, can I have the vaccine? 



19. Should I take aspirin before I come for my vaccine? 


No, this is not recommended. 


20. I’m undergoing IVF, can I have the vaccination? 


Yes. If you become pregnant please see Q6

21. I’m breastfeeding, can I have the vaccination? 


Yes. Guidelines now advise that it is safe for you to have the vaccine if you are breastfeeding. 

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