Seasonal Flu Vaccination 2020

The annual flu vaccination provides the best protection against an unpredictable virus which infects many people and can cause serious illness and death each year.

This year, we are holding our main clinics at an external venue to ensure social distancing is observed in order to protect both patients and staff members.

We are writing to all eligible patients inviting them to attend one of our flu vaccination clinics. Invitations will contain information about when and where to attend. We will be prioritising the most vulnerable patients in the high risk groups.

Please wait to hear from us, there is no need to ring the surgery for an appointment.

Households with multiple eligible members may receive their invites at different times. Due to the high number of patients that are eligible for vaccination we request that individuals await their own invite and do not phone the surgery to book additional family members into the same date/time slot.

Eligible patients are:

Children’s Flu Vaccination

We will shortly be inviting children aged 2 and 3 to attend for flu vaccination (children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2018).

All primary school children and Year 7 in secondary school (date of birth on or after 1st September 2008 and on or before 31st August 2016) will be offered vaccination via the school programme.  Children who miss the immunisation at school, will automatically be invited to a community catch-up clinic.

At risk children, can attend the surgery for vaccination, if preferred.

See here for more information on the children's flu vaccination.

Patients Aged 50 – 64

We are awaiting further guidance from NHS England about possible routine vaccination of patients aged between 50 and 64.   We understand this is under review currently and we expect to hear more in November.

Published: Sep 3, 2020

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