Online Access

Online Access can only be granted to patients aged 16 years and over, not third parties.

The NHS App and Patient Access are two online services available to patients. You will find they save you time and help you take more control of your health, particularly if you have any long-term medical conditions which require regular monitoring and frequent prescriptions.

Both online services are quick, easy and convenient to use from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Please note: you do not need to complete an access to records application to view your Covid Vaccine Passport, this information is available to all patients with an active online account.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, online booking of appointments has been suspended until further notice.

The NHS App

The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for people to access a range of NHS services on their smartphone or tablet. Use the NHS App to:

  • access your Covid vaccination passport
  • check your symptoms with the NHS symptom checker
  • find out what to do when you need help urgently
  • book and manage appointments at your GP surgery
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • register to be an organ donor
  • choose how the NHS uses your data
  • view parts of your medical records securely (see Detailed Online Access section below)

How to Register for the NHS App

You can set this up without coming into the practice to request this. Simply register with the App and they will carry out checks to confirm your identity. The App will then securely connect to information from the practice. To keep your access secure, the App will send a security code to your phone each time you use it. If you have any issues using or downloading the app, check the NHS App help and support page at

If you require extra help with the NHS App, please contact the NHS App Support Team.


Patient Access

Patient Access is a website and mobile app which gives you access to a range of GP services online, as well as access to your health records. Registering for the Patient Access service is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Patient Access online services allow you to:

  • access your Covid vaccination passport
  • order your repeat prescriptions
  • book a routine appointment
  • cancel an appointment
  • change your contact details
  • review your medications and known allergies
  • view parts of your medical records securely (see Detailed Online Access section below)

If you require extra help with Patient Access, visit their online support page.

How to Register for Patient Access

You can sign up for Patient Access here. Once you have signed up we will need to confirm your photo ID and proof of address so we can generate your Linkage Key, ODS Code and Account ID, with instructions on how to link your Patient Access account to the surgery.

You do not need to come into the practice to confirm your ID. Once you have signed up for Patient Access please use the option below to send us your ID electronically.


Detailed Online Access to Medical Records

If you would like to use either of the services above to view parts of your medical record you will need to complete an Access to Records Application, please see the page below for more info.

How to Access your Medical Records

With detailed online access to your medical records you can access an up to date version of parts of your electronic GP medical record including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results.

You can also use your online access account to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

Detailed online access allows you to access all of the below features through your secure online account:
  • Book appointments

  • Request repeat medications

  • View parts of your medical record:

    • Medications; you will be able to see the medications you are currently taking. If you want to request any repeat medication you will be able to do so from this screen. There is also a link to which has further information about your medication.
    • Allergies/Adverse reactions; you will be able to see what allergies you suffer from and what if any adverse reactions you have had (i.e. to medication). There is also a link to which has further information about your allergies.
    • Immunisations; you will be able to see any immunisations/vaccinations we have a record of and the date you had them. There is also a link to, which has further information about any of the vaccinations you have had.
    • Problems; this section shows you your current and past coded medical problems.
    • Consultations; you will be able to see a record of your recent consultations (coded data entry only, not text entries).
    • Test Results; you will be able to view your test results once they have been reviewed by your doctor. You will see a value, a range and a comment that has been added by your doctor.
    • Values; you will be able to view values such as your height, weight and blood pressure.