Research at Pembroke Road Surgery

At Pembroke Road we are a proactive Research surgery. We take part in a large number of studies which look to improve our patient care and experience. Through the National Institute for Health Research and the Clinical Research Network West of England we aim to participate in studies that focus on our patients' needs.

If you are eligible to join our current studies you will receive letters from us inviting you to participate or you may be offered a study during your appointment with your doctor or nurse. Your involvement in any study is voluntary and you are free to leave a study at any time without any reason or effect on your care at the surgery. If you do not wish to participate in research studies please indicate this on the consent form.

If you would like to opt out from invitation to any future studies please indicate this on our 'Contact Us' online form.

If you would like any further information or any questions, please contact the surgery.

GP Research Lead – Dr Rohan Perera
Research Nurse – Helen Corke