updated at 12:59pm on 11/11/2018

by TRW gave Pembroke Road Surgery a rating of 5 stars

The best practice I have ever encountered

I have been visiting GP surgeries for 34 years. As a patient and for work, from London to everywhere in the SW. When I signed on at the Pembroke Rd Surgery it was with no more enthusiasm as I have done in the past. What surprised me was the professionalism of the Receptionists, and their nice personalities.

The Nurses for my medication review, bloods and asthma were refreshingly interested, engaging, knowledgable and didn't treat me like just another patient.

When I had the misfortune to need a GP for a treatment that was new to me, I was listened too, reassured, helped and checked up on after. I cannot recommend this practice enough, very simply, 9.5/10. The surgery only missed out on a 10 as it doesn't have enough bike parking spaces.

Thank you PRS and all the staff.

Visited in August 2018, Posted on 24 August 2018

by Adrienne Mason gave Pembroke Road Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Overall excellence

My husband is approaching 90 and has multiple health problems. The surgery is as good as one could possibly expect given the pressures on the NHS. I have always been able to get an appointment, though not always immediately, and on more than one occasion a doctor has called in to the house to see my husband after surgery.

There are undoubtedly problems in the liaison between the surgery and the hospital(s), but these probably mirror those in every other surgery. That said, links with local pharmacies are very good indeed.

My only suggestion would be to offer patients an annual health check. You can request one, but it's easy to forget.

I do agree with other comments about unsatisfactory online provision, particularly in booking appointments. Some investment here would be welcome.

Visited in August 2018, Posted on 13 August 2018