Services We Provide

COVID 19- Services during the pandemic

Asthma Review Asthma reviews are booked in with our on-site Pharmacist. Please book a routine telephone call.
Blood Tests We are offering some routine blood tests for certain medication monitoring or if it has been requested by the GP. If not, you will need to have a telephone call with the doctor first.
Cervical Screening (Smear Test) If you have had a letter inviting you for cervical screening, please contact Reception to book an appointment.
Childrens Immunisations We are offering all pre-school child immunisations. Please contact Reception to book an appointment.
Coil/Implants If you wish to have a Coil/Implant fitted or changed, you will first need to speak to one of our dedicated coil/implant doctors. This would be booked as a routine telephone call.
Contraception Request a routine telephone call with the nurse
Dressings/stitches/staples We are offering dressing appointments with the nurses.
Flu Vaccination If you are eligible for the seasonal flu vaccination, you will be contacted by the surgery with an appointment date

We are currently offering the following injections:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Depo (not contraception)
  • Zoladex
  • Decapeptyl
Hormonal injections
Pneumococcal Vaccination If you are eligible for the pneumonia vaccination, you will be contacted by the surgery to arrange an appointment
Shingles Vaccination

If you are eligible for the shingles vaccination, you will be contacted by the surgery to arrange an appointment

Referrals If you require a referral for an ongoing problem, you will need to book a routine telephone call with one of the doctors.


Clinics are held regularly. We like to see patients with asthma once or twice a year for a check-up. If you are on asthma medication and have not been seen recently, please make an appointment in the Asthma Clinic. Two of the Nursing Team hold a Diploma in asthma.

Link to Asthma UK


Blood Tests

Our blood taking services are available as shown in the following table:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pre-booked appointments from 08:20 Pre-booked appointments from 08:20 Pre-booked appointments from 08:20 Pre-booked appointments from 08:20 Pre-booked appointments from 08:20 No blood taking services available

We have a range of appointments available throughout the day (weekdays). Appointments can be made on-line, via our automated phone booking service and through the Reception Team.


Bristol Drugs Project

Drug problems affect lots of people. A national poll in 2009 showed that almost one in five adults have been personally affected by drug addiction: that's over 82,000 people in Bristol.

Tackling a drug problem is tough - but there are people making major changes in their lives every day. Bristol Drugs Project helps over 3,000 people a year to make those changes.

Shared Care Workers from Bristol Drugs Project are employed to support the GPs in the assessment, management and care of opiate-dependent patients.

A full needs and risk assessment is usually carried out before substitute medication such as Methadone or Subutex may be prescribed for patients. The aim of the shared care service is to reduce illegal street drug use, maintain stability whilst on regular prescriptions and in the long term to achieve abstinence.

We have a non-judgmental approach to the provision of this service.

    Link to Bristol Drugs project


We have a service for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.Designated diabetes clinics with morning and evening appointments are run by an experienced diabetes prescribing nurse practitioner (Sister Lynn Wrathall) with GP support from Dr Claire Perks.We have close working relations with specialist teams in hospital services and community teams.

Invitation to the clinic is sent by post to patients directly from clinic reviews, GP requests or specialist request.We support with diet management, medication including insulin initiation, dose changes and referral to external agencies.We run a quarterly virtual clinic  with senior specialist practitioners to ensure current up to date treatment and clinical management are maintained.

Coil Clinics

Coil clinics run most weeks at the surgery and consist of a half an hour appointment with a HCA or nurse and the fit done by one of our Doctors.  Currently this is Dr Elise Taylor, Dr Becky Nuttall, Dr Kirstie Pearson or Dr Freya Evans.

The clinic is in high demand and we sometime have to operate a waiting list.  When this happens we do endeavour to put on extra clinics.  If you cannot make you appointment it is vital that you contact us in good time so that the appointments can be offered to other patients and the time is not wasted.

Booking for a Coil Fit

Please contact reception team on 0117 973 3790 and they will book you a telephone slot to discuss your requirements and go through the risks and benefits.  Please do not book a coil slot online into a normal appointment as we will not have the time / support staff and you may be asked to rebook.

For more information please see the links below.

Prior to the fit it is important to be sure that you are not pregnant.  We will ask you about this on the day of the fit but please do be careful with your current contraception. Take painkillers 90 mins before the fit such as paracetamol and Ibuprofen (800 mg double dose can work well) as it can be unconformable and crampy.