Sustainability - What can patients do?

As the practice works towards becoming more sustainable we are encouraging patients to become more sustainble too.

Below are some ideas of small changes that can help the environment and maybe save you money too!

Recycle Your Old Inhalers

'Complete the cycle' is a national scheme by GlaxoSmithKline, to help reduce the environmental burden of inhalers, by recycling your old inhalers via local pharmacies. Not disposing of your inhaler correctly can be harmful to the environment. 

Metered dose inhalers (MDI) release hydroflurocarbons and account for an estimated 4% of the entire NHS greenhouse gas footprint. With the 'Complete the cycle' scheme all inhaler types are accepted and by recycling your inhalers you will be helping to mitigate the environmental impact of inhalers.​

Please visit to find a participating pharmacy near you. 

Sustainable Travel

Before you visit the practice, first consider whether we can complete your request via our online services or telephone.

If you do need to travel to the surgery for an appointment, consider alternatives to driving such as walking, cycling or public transport.